Best Ideas for Family Day Trips in Southern Carolina

At the end of the day, family is all that matters and the main reason people are working so hard to make ends meet, however, creating some valuable time for the loved ones is crucial too. If you reside in Southern Carolina, you are in luck because there are infinite possibilities for fun family day trips; there is also something you can do with your loved ones including visiting duffy boats to rent a boat. There is truly something for everyone in southern Carolina in regards to fun family day trips. Continue reading to know some of the ideas to consider for family day trip in southern Carolina.

Crystal cove is a great day trip destination that has different activities to offer; whether you have a boat from duffy boats and want to play the ocean, explore the tides, or hike the many trails, this three miles of beach adventure promises something for everyone. For a memorable family fun day trip, the fun plex is the perfect venue; they offer a multitude of activities suitable for families along with dining options that are unavailable at duffy boats.

For a family that is passionate about nature, there is fun family day trip destination that beats Newport beach; with easy and readily access to boats from duffy boats, you can have the time of your life; there is so much experience at this beach a day trip is definitely worth it. If the idea of renting a boat form duffy boats is not so appealing, consider Balboa park as a fun family day trip destination while in this part of the country; with theatres, museums, and playgrounds, the kids are likely to have the best day.

Visiting the star of India, the world’s oldest sailing shop; it is amazing how a ship that was built more than one hundred and fifty years ago still sails the open seas, offering tours to people who get to experience what the life of a sailor was like. For a fun family day trip, you should go to a place that boasts rich history and quality food like Clifton’s cafeteria; the establishment has been standing since nineteen thirty-five.

Touring a farm and feeding ostriches does not sound like something you want to do on a fun family day trip but it will be worth it, plus, you can get a few souvenirs from the gift shop on your way out. As you can see, there is no shortage of things and places you can visit with your family on fun day trips.