A Checklist to Have During a Home Inspection Exercise

Touring potential homes that you are interested in buying at times will be overwhelming since you will not have enough time to focus on the key features. If there are any issues, for you to know them you need to have a suitable checklist. When it comes to the home inspection, there are seven major categories of the things that you need to check so that you are assured to buy a good home. Since you will live in the home for years, it is important to make sure every feature you are interested in is present. Below is the checklist that you must have during a home inspection exercise.

Foundation is the leading aspect in the list. This is the base of the entire house and you need to be very keen when checking at the foundation to make sure it is fine. Here, look at any cracks, shifting of the base and focus more on the landscaping. A general overview of the foundation needs to be well followed by a good drainage system. During this task, you need to consider the general structure. If you notice any terminate damages, rotten wood, and also bowing in the windows or doors, you need to be alert about the house.

The exterior of the home also matter in the inspection. Check to fin cracks in the stucco, age of the roof matters, and also paint of the building. Also, it adds value when you check at the gutters for draining water, chimney condition as well as issues with the siding. After the exterior, it is now the time for you to focus on the interior of the home like smells, ventilation, condition of the floor, and also the appliances that are there and check for any water heater problems. Make sure you test the systems to know if there are any water heater problems.

A plumber also needs to be along you to assist you to check at the plumbing system. Make sure you know if there are any water heater problems, sink problems, if the toilets are well fitted and the water present. Identification of the water heater problems is made easier when you have a plumber. Apart from the water heater problems, it key for you to check at the HVAC system and make sure it is functioning well. An electrician also needs to assist you to check the electrical system as well as if there are any hidden water heater problems in the house.

The seller also needs to be able to disclose any problem that he or she understands about the house. If the offer is accepted, the agent that you have will provide the seller’s disclosure so that the buyer becomes willing to buy the home. You require to have a professional along with the checklist since they will find out more than your average. For this reason, it adds value when you choose a good home inspection company.